Solarplaza has been organizing events since 2004, hosting over 100 events in over 30 countries.  Trade Missions have been one of our primary focuses within that track record. Since 2005 we have led 24 week-long business tours to 17 countries, specializing and fine tuning the format and organization of these missions. Amongst industry players, Solarplaza trade missions are known as high-level, international, intense experiences that provide a complete overview of an emerging market in just one week.


"The Trade Mission is a great format - you’re spending time reflecting on the market with business partners from breakfast until late at night at the bar having a beer. I can’t think of ever having participated in a more informative format than this!” - Partner //// Voltiq

“SolarPlaza people know how to organize an event, and they deliver what they promise in terms of contacts, content and market knowledge. This kind of seminar is extremely helpful, for how it is structured, when you need to approach an opening market with no previous local support and a lot to learn in a very short time.” - GM Project Management /// JA Solar