The Indonesian Government last week introduced a new regulation setting the tariff framework for Indonesian renewable energy projects. Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 12/2017 on the Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources for Electricity Supply ("MEMR Reg 12") now sets out the tariff framework for the following types of renewable energy projects: 

  • solar PV 
  • wind 
  • hydropower 
  • biomass 
  • biogas 
  • municipal waste 
  • geothermal

MEMR Reg 12 regulates: 

  • the price at which electricity generated from these renewable energy sources is to be sold to the Indonesian State-owned power utility, PT PLN (Persero) ("PLN") 
  • the manner in which PLN is entitled to procure electricity supply from a number of these renewable sources. 

Our strategic partner Baker McKenzie prepared a review of the new regulation. The review can be immediately accessed by completing the form below: